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    hello! my name is Nary I'm 24years old, I love video games, I play league of legends user name is NarySweet, I'm a web designer, I love my friends, love cute/kawaii things :) my favorite color is red. My bday is aug 6, I love to watch anime/ Korean/Japanese drama. I love to read/ manga/books whenever I get a chance I watch lots of tv shows, so many to name. lol, idk wat else, i love to be random and umm crazy and have fun:PInstagram NarySweet89 and ask more, if you like :3 don't be afraid to talk me ;3 <3 I don't bite, i'll follow back only if u follow me or if its cute lol. I love pokemon, zelda, kingdom hearts, anything :D im a gamer. and just dont be afraid to add me and talk to me :3


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